Neel Sarkar is a composer & instrumentalist from Santiniketan, INDIA, the place which belongs to the great world poet Rabindranath Tagore.After he had several training in various musical styles and performed with many artists from all over the world, he perceived a new way of reacting with his own music from the deep core space he feels inside him.He consider himself as a mediator between the unseen faith and the music he perceived.His compositions are the reflection of his journey with the experiences he is going through in his life.

He started his musical journey at an early age of nine. His first instrument was the tabla, a popular Indian hand drum in which he received training in the Farukabad Gharana. At the age of seventeen, he chose the Classical guitar as his primary instrument under the influences of musicians like Al De Meola, John Mc Laughlin, Andre’ Segovia and others. Gradually, his influences also came to include stalwarts of the Hindusthani Classical scene like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Nikhil Bannerjee as well as many other instrument players from all around the world . Shaped by various trajectories of musical genres and styles, his style of playing has come to reflect a mix of Hindusthani Classical melodies and western classical structures textures underscored with an essence of free jazz harmony. Apart from composing and playing his primary instrument,he is under the tutelage of Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharya’s talim(Patiala Gharana) in Hindustani classical music, he can also play other string instruments like the ukulele, guitalele, Persian Setar and the dotara as well as some percussion instruments like tabla, dubki, khanjira and cajon. On the other side, he is into keyboard programming and background scores for ad films, animation films, short films etc.

Neel started his journey as a professional musician working as a faculty of London College of Music (LCM). He pursued a simultaneous career performing with various local bands and got exposed to different genres of music like Rock, Pop, Modern Jazz and Latin. While spending most of his free hours practicing, Neel developed a deep spiritual connection with his instrument. In 2007 he decided to move away with his guitar from the urban cacophony to the countryside and started to write and compose songs for himself. After returning to Kolkata, he started looking for like-minded musicians to collaborate and perform with. He came up with his own Quartet/Quintet named Neel Sarkar Project in the year of 2012.Started playing in various venues across the city and received great vibes and positive energy from its audiences. The enthusiastic response inspired Neel to produce a full length album with these incredible musicians. The production process started in 2013 in his own recording studio(KARMIC FREQUENCIES) - and the result was an album of six tracks released on the Rooh Music label in 2014. It was a call of the subconcious, claims Neel, that made him call this album "VISHNU'S REPORT.Later on he released an Indo French canadian collaborative album called "ZIKR" in 2015 which is highy appreciated by every music lovers and artists from all around the globe.With this amazing Bunches of experiemental instrumental songs the full band was on India tour including the all major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and so on.

In 2017 Neel released his solo freestyle fusion classical guitar album called "SOLILOQUY" which was a crowdfunding initiative and it got an immense respond from all over the world and the people, friends and fans has contribute and support the album to make it happen.With the album Neel toured all over the India in all major cities and prestigious venues and recently he toured in all over China to spread his music and thoughts.

Neel is working on his next solo album in his studio.He is now busy with the writings and composing along with the designing to represent his next musical gift.And he decided to call his upcoming album - "ART OF BALANCE"





Art of balance is the second upcoming solo album which is a bunch of reflections from the experiences about our daily life events which brings turmoil and happiness in our journey of our quest.

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soliloquy artwork front

"Soliloquy" is my musings on what is happening inside me,within me; an expression of experiences and insights, observations and consciousness.There was a place I found to confront myself, make my soul rest and think...There were colours and shades through which I travelled and perceived the dimension of my inner space where i fought with my hope and despair – the many things I have lost, the few precious jewels I still own... with these I am happy and still on the road to experience,to explore more... Until the very last dot.